September 17, 2016

En route to Luxembourg where Next Adventure begins


I am thrilled to start the next voyage in my career and life. I am heading to Luxembourg where I will work for Amazon as Sr.Product Manager in their Retail Leadership Development Program!

With lots of hopes, dreams, ambition and perseverance, I landed in this country USA - a typical destination for many middle class Indians. I joined the BYU MBA program which turned out to be the best investment I've made in my career. In this program I met many fabulous people and made life time friends. However, it has also been a journey of many ups-n-down and uncharacteristic self doubts. I am glad that I was resolute and stayed there.

I wished I could stay here for some more time. However, life has different plans in store for me. Amazon-Luxembourg was the only non-USA job I had applied only because it is Amazon. Fortunately, I got the job offer in their Retail Leadership Development Program. In early October, I will begin my new career.

As I leave this truly diverse country, I carry, incredible friends, fond memories n stories and many invaluable lessons. I am sure I would come back after a while for another stint here. Until then Good Bye to all my friends here and I will stay in touch!

I like to take this opportunity to thank many people who helped me unconditionally. The list is really long and I apologize if I miss anyone. I learnt at least one thing from every official/unofficial Sherpa or mentor or BYU alum. Thank you BYU MBA Class of 2016, 2015, BYU MBA Network, my core Team 6 of first semester, my core Team 8 and Adobe Field Study Team of second semester and my all other teams viz Brand, A/c Mgmt etc.,. Big shout-out to Abhishek Reddy, Andrew Kinji Watanabe,@Anil.Dhawan (Meetup mentor), Austin Bagley, Austin Johansen, Christie Clark Rasmussen, Danner Banks, Gary K Rhoads, Meghan Whalen, Nirmal Ganesh, Reid Clark, and Sravya Vankayalapati Susarla. Thanks to Angel-Sheila Martinez, Brady David Leavitt, @Chetan Prasad, Chetan Zawar, Dave Crosby, Elena Samuels, John Peterson, Jorge Omar Ramirez, Julia Tian Mann, @Kari Ann Sewell, Lahari Prabha(for showing the path of Amazon Europe), Mark Nugent, Scott K. Christofferson, Sreekanth Rajoli Raichur and so many others. :)

And apologies to many as I couldn't call you to inform before my departure because I got my visa only yesterday while my USA visa expires tomorrow.

நான் வருவேனு சொல்லு! திரும்பி வருவேன்னு .. 20-25 மாசத்துக்கு முன்னால எப்படி போனாரோ ..ராஜேஷ் அப்படியே திரும்பி வருவேன்னு சொல்லு!!

Love you all!!

Warm Regards

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