September 16, 2016

M.S. Subbulakshmi 100

When I started listening seriously to Carnatic Music / Indian Classical music, in 2007, I was listening to multiple sources/musicians. It was like a cat running in a closed dark room trying to find a way out. My violin guru Shri Babu advised me to listen to @M.S.Subbulakshmi. I followed it blindly falling more in love with the music. Her music is so simple which IMO is very difficult to achieve. Her music is so spiritual with 100% Bhakti. Not to forget her perfect diction in any language that she sung in. If anyone listens to her music they can easily sing it along. She showed that one can attain Brahman (immortality) by Bhakti, hardwork and simple way of life irrespective of the birth (here her devdasi birth(no offense)). #MSS100 #birthCentenaryYear #MSSubbulakshmi #Inspiration

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