February 07, 2011

December Music Season 2010 @ Chennai

This December 2010 I planned to catch few concerts of Sanjay Subrahmanyam (@ Nardha Gana Sabha), Nithyashree Mahadevan (@ YGP Auditorium), Kanyakumari and Embar Kannan (@ Music Academy). It was really a fulfilling experience.

I went to Mylai Karpagambaal Mess and had the following as breakfast
  -- Nei-Pongal
  -- Podi dosai
  -- Idli

All these with 
  -- Thick Paruppu Sambar(konjam perungaayam)
  -- Thengaai Chutney
  -- Thakkaali Vengayaam Vadakkiya Chutney

And finally finished off with a nice coffee. It was a great breakfast. 

One of the refreshing things is that there were lots of Mylapore / Mambalam Mami girls in a typical classy style -> 
      i) Well combed hair to the skull, 
     ii) with a slight layer oil in their face 
     iii) one small pottu in their face 
     iv) small line of sandanam/vibudhi and 
     iv) adakkam

Some of the snaps taken in ECE, Mylai Kapaaleeshwarar Temple, Baristta

Snowfall @ Suwon

Witnessed snowfall for the first time in life - @ Suwon on 23rd Jan 2011. A wonderful experience indeed.

Ice Skating @ Seoul City Hall

Along with friends from Aricent, I went to  Seoul City Hall and we did Ice Skating for 2 sessions. It was complete fun. During the initial one hour, I fell every 2 minutes. Later improved and fell only once in 10minutes!!! (Pretty good improvement)
But my body was not as good as i thought it was and I was in total pain for the next couple of days.. :-(