May 31, 2011

I Love you Sukruti alias Sukku

29th May 2011 (Sunday) will go as one of the most unforgettable day in my life.  Because it was a little divine angel who ruled me the complete day. On 28th May 2011 night I and my friend Jagadish boarded into a bus (of Panicker Travels) on an one day package trip to Rishikesh and Haridwar.  A kind of rejuvenation (one day) trip for me.  Around 10:30p.m. one little angel wearing small pant & shirt was walking in half sleep towards her seat. I had no doubt that night, that I have a great day ahead. On Sunday(29May11) it was 5 a.m. in the morning at Rishikesh. Everybody was getting ready for the day. And now I saw the little angel in a Black outfits at her best. I was in little doubt whether her parents would allow us to interact with her and play with her. At Lakshman Jhula (Bridge), I introduced myself with her family and her. Her name is Sukruti. Sukruti means doing good deed. She is 29months (born on 1st Jan 2009) old gorgeous babe. Later I came to know she is a Delhite. And she has a Tamil Nadu origin also. That means she can understand Tamil. Oh great. She can understand my language which made me more happy because, I can communicate with her. I was eager to carry her with me in my hip and play with her. But beloved Madame didn’t allow me. Strict No. No other option, as usual I walked behind the "angel". Pleasure. After crossing Lakshman Jhula, Madame saw a calf. From a distance, Madame was observing it with patience and excitement. When the Calf moved a bit towards her, Madame jolted. It was fun to watch it.  And her parents were clicking some shots of her. And Madame gave some excellent poses which I missed because I was bit late there. Her grand mother called her Sukku (short pet name for Sukruti). (I remembered my Mom calling/teasing me often by name Sukku. In Tamil Sukku means Dried Ginger. Yeaah I was lean/slim till my college days). From Ram Jhula, we crossed the river in a boat. And now Madame got fascinated and was dancing (You can see those in the snaps I have mentioned). Madame enjoyed the sprinkles of River Ganges water made by her passengers in the boat. When the chill water kissed her (seemed that Ganges Mata(Mother) wanted to kiss this little angel) Madame made the most energetic roar in the world. On our way to Shivanand Ashram, her mother was holding one of her hands. Her left hand was free. Now I joined my hands with her left hand. We walked for some 2 seconds. Madame saw, who this guy? No prizes for guessing. Madame immediately put my hand down. Smartness was her best. My friend laughed at his best. This 2 seconds walk with her is something I will not forget in my life (earlier I had one such beautiful walk in my life).  We were in Shivanand Ashram. Her parents persuaded her to give her a snap along with me. And she gave. And you can see that here (in this post). We headed to Haridwar and we took holy bath in River Ganges. It was summer. Approximately 40degree Celsius. But River Ganges should have been approximately some 10degree Celsius. I need not explain how much delight we can see in Madame’s face. At 3p.m. we headed back to Delhi. Around 6p.m. we stopped at a highway restaurant. I knew (and each of us knew) children like chocolates. And I bought for her and her sister, each, a Cadbury's Dairy Milk Fruit&Nut.  And in the bus when we tried to approach, Madame was crying a lot. Her mother said, this appetite (cry) is for Madame’s father. Again, after some time we went back. Madame was bit calm. And we gave her the DairyMilk. The lips widened, the teeth flashed. But the head cautiously turned 75degrees towards her Mumma. By now, you would have guessed – For permission. After her Mumma conceded, it was delightfully accepted (with all eyes on the chocolate) with a silent thanks (as thought by her Mother). After 2-3 minutes we went back to our seat. Turning back, we saw Madame was all smiling. Standing on her seat, leaning on the front seat Madame was in jubilant mood (see the last pic of the post). Madame voluntarily shook her tender hands with us and gave a cherubic smile and played with us for sometime. Lesson1: Start with a (Big)Chocolate to the kids. You can easily befriend them. Now we were about to reach Delhi. We requested her a snap along with us. But Madame once again said NO. Lesson2: Get the snaps when you give the chocolates to them. After we landed at Delhi, we went to Gurgaon by Metro. And our little angel was with her father, who came to receive her. After seeing her father, she was very happy and was responding to us except for the photo. But while she got down, she waved her hands at us with a smile. Awesome. Pleasure.

I love you Sukruti. Aayiram Ummaaaaaaaaa!! (Tons of Kisses!!) (which you didn't allow me).









 (This is the maximum distance she allowed me near)

 (while we were crossing the river in boat from Ram Jhula)
(After giving Cadbury's Dairy Milk Fruit&Nut, this is the cherubic smile I got)